It was a foggy day.I was emerging from bed to the bathroom then the ninjas attacked!I grabbed my samurai sword and got one in the arm and another one in the head.But the other one got away.Then i realised a nightmare was coming true.When i got to school i realizied something was strange.All the kids were pale and had scars.I noticed that were zombies.They noticed me and attacked!I grabbed out my SPAZ-12 and shot one in the head.I ran home shot after shot eventully i finally got home i barrcaded all the doors and windows.I then ran upstairs opened my secret gun collection and grabbed my M134.I ran down stairs and sat on the couch...waiting.Then i heard a crack in the board i ran over grabbing my bowie knife.I saw a zombie child...and slit its throat.i tried listining to the radio for news but all i heard was static."crap"i said.i went upstairs and grabbed my pump action shotgun when i got down stairs all the boards were gone.I then had to keep a sharp eye.I heard creak in the floor i turned around and five zombie children stood there.I then grabbed my daul weld desert eagles and shot two in the foot i ran into the kitchen found five more zombie children.I was surrounded, i then remembered that i had my M134.I grabbed out and started to fire i got 3 with one qiuck shot i shot the other two ran through and turned arouned and shot the five others i ran outside found the rest i killed them all with the M134.I ran around town to look for others but i couldn't find any.I put away my M134 and walked down the street to the gun shop and got more ammo.I went to the blacksmith and on my way there i saw a dog.I walked over two it.I saw burn marks on it its skin was like someone burnt it off.I got closer,then it turned around."It has no skin on its face!"i thought.first it looked confused,then growled at me and started to chase me.I grabbed my pump action shotgun and shot it in the skinless face.I walked the rest of the way to the blacksmith i kept a sharp mind and knife.when i got there i saw many things.I took the sword and sheild.When i got outside i ran towards the nearest car.I saw something strange.I poked my off the side the car and saw a dark strange figure then another i relized i was surrounded.When the first figure came torwards me it came so fast as if it wrer gliding.When it reached me i grabbed my shotgun but it dizzolved!"Do not try to hurt us we are invincible mortal"it said.When i got a closer look it was a giant snake!Its eyes were like soul eaters looking right through me.Its fangs were like giant blades sharp enough to split the universe.

'We are going to devour you with each bite your pain will be unimaginablely horrifing"it they closed in.I woke up to me being in a hospital bed my parents at my side crying"it was just a dream" i said softly.They gasped at my voice.

"Your awake!""we thought you werent gonna make it!"they said."through what?"i said."through the virus!"my dad said."Virus,what virus?"i said."The O-mega virus"my mom said."it spread across the area three months ago".my mom said."The Marines came and looked for survivors"Appearently they didnt see you"my dad said."The doctor found you lying in the street!"my dad were seriously wounded but they were able to fix you up"my dad said.they left the room crying tears of joy.I layed backed and felt a pain on my side.I lifted my shirt to check.When i looked i saw two pieces of medical tape i removed them and saw two giant bite marks.I put my shirt down and noticed something."it wasnt a dream"i said.

                        THE  END

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  • August 21, 2009
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