Helooooooooooooooooooooo every body its V!

Hiiiiiiiiii is SSSSSSSSSS!

Welcome to SpHa and VeSm! The place to catch random , funny , and interesting  things! This is the first post so it wont be as good! S, what did you do today?

Well,  frist i got   up and had some cheese and peach.  Then I went to school.  (  bbboooooooooorrrrrrrrriiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnggggggggg )   

Like any boys?  Or vise-versa?

dunno but i thing a boy likes me then another sorta likes me!

ooooooooooh! Names? Or is it Top-Secret?

dunno and don't care but i think it  is top-secret!

Woah! Hints please! Mean? Nice? Dumb? Smart? Fat?

one is mean, dumb, and uuggllyy and the other is dumb, fat, and uuggllyy !!!!!!!!

Do you like waffles?

yes i do but !

okay, okay i get it! well, that's all the time we have for today's show! See ya later!






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