It`s soo messed up!

I got to go to school! and see people like this....



I`ll be gone for the weekdays. only firday saturday and sunday!

I`m pretty sad no more waking up at 12:00PM and going to sleep like at 3:00AM!

and talking to stupid people at 4:00 i nthe morning and getting constant calls.

from people like this...

named rodaney prank calling meez for candy! JUST NASTY!!!!

and +

i don`t get ot hang with kat!

Her trash loving self!

and i don`t get to talk to the guy who lives outside in my trash can..

yeah...carlos is pretty cool!

and I don`t get to pick on this boy!

or get this guy to make me some ramen noodles!

REALLY SUCKS!!! well i`ll blog more about school! love you people! bye bye


carina ur mommy dearest!

Topics: carina, creepy, kids, frank, messed, up
LMAO hahaha 
  • August 23, 2009
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Quote:Originally posted by: TwinbladeRoxas LOL i know
LMAO hahaha 
  • August 23, 2009
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