Okay first I know how to spell school.<.. Anyways here's some tips.

If you hate school so much and your planning to do a new year just follow this

1.Finish Your Homework/Or maybe not sometimes

2.Be nice/Well sometimes kids can't be..I understand

3.Once in a while give your teacher a present/or let your tacher just stay without

4.Try to never get caught if you do something wrong/always works for me

5.Try to be friends with alot of people/when your sad just go to them

6.Try to sleep and wake up in time/On weekends dosen't matter

7.Eat breakfest/Helps you get good grades

8.Try not to be a bully or make anyone feel bad/I have been bullied alot

9.Try to not cause drama when it's a really important day.Or at ALL

10.Just try to make your school year fun..

Thatd it. Commet me if you have any questions.


Topics: skool, tips
I tryed this last year.. did not work out so well xD well its a new year with new classes.. lets see what happens?
  • August 24, 2009
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