If u think this is gonna be pointless, then dont continue reading. If u do read this, and thought it was stupid, its ur own fault.

Okay. I have been acused of a few things. Being a vampire, being a werewolf, and abusing steroids. What do I have to say about it? Just beacuse I dont always eat a lot does not mean i'm a vampire. No i'm not anarexic. Sometimes i heal fast but that does not make me a werewolf. As for the steroids accusation... JUST BECAUSE I'M FAST AND (as some people said)AM STRONG 4 A GIRL DOES NOT MEAN I USE STEROIDS!

Soon after that, i found out that i WAS a werewolf (inside joke). Well, i'm a werewolf and my best friend is a vampire. no she does not sparkle in the sunlight, and the sun does not burn her to ashes either. NE way, i'm the only werewolf in my town so far, so ... yeah.

If u want me 2 write more, then say so. or else i will not type more


Topics: wolf, werewolf, pack, wolves
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