Hey, guys. Guess what? I don't have to do my home school today, so I'm feeling lucky! Now I can have some free times and stay on the computer on DrawingNow! I went to library, and I also went to the shopping in a quick time. My mom lets me buy a candy everytime I go to shopping, as long as if it is Saturday. But I still got the candy because I asked her and she said yes. ^o^ But when I've tried it, it tastes too sweet and it's 3 Musketeers, so when I got home, I threw it away. 0.0 Yeah.... I know.. Today is also the anniversery of my mom's marriage, when she got married about 14 years ago.

Now that I have free times, I can go to DrawingNow! Guess what? I'm going to make a new contest, and I'll pick winners for my old contest. I'll be making a contest soon after if I choose winners for my older contest. I forgot how many members were here, but if I make a new contest, then I'll decide to choose lots of members here! I'll give it a try..

You know, I've been making blogs very often, so I'll havta stop making blogs for a while. Sorry, this blog kinda sounds weird, but have fun, pplz! Please leave comments!

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