I have galleries on my profile. I have like 30 of them right now. And I have more than 30 blogs, and someday, I will be one of the top bloggers, and someday, I will recieve 4000 activity points.

If you guys check out my older galleries, they look very, very weird and messy. But if you ppl check out of my newer galleries, they look like I'm a serious pro, especially the picture I made: http://www.drawingnow.com/gallery/id_61397-drawing-request-for-avatarfan2009-2.html

Kristal_blue commented it, and she said, "Did you really draw the BG? Nice colors Smile" I think I'm really a pro. <3 Is this right? lolp I think I'm kinda good as her, but she's a little bit better than me. lolp Oh, and the gallery like that, it's a drawing request from Avatarfan2009. I've made 2 pictures for her. The older one is Blue and Purple Anime Girl (ew..), and the newer one is the picture I'm talking about for my blog.

I wanted one of my drawings to be featured. I know, I'd really have to work HARD! to reach into it. Right? We can't have too many feature pictures anyways.

Bye! lolp


Quote:Originally posted by: NarutoUser22wowlolp? 0.0 Did you offense?
  • September 20, 2009
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