i sighed angrily, clutching the picture of a rare black cat. staring at it a tear fell from my eye, wiping it away i crumpled the picture and tore it to shreds. i wasn't satisfy'd at all, i wanted to kill the real thing, not just some stupid painting of one!
continuing wishing and thinking about him, only him! he doesn't appreciate me yet i still love him..... why? WHY?! i screamed in my pillow, scratching it with my nails, am i pretty, i thought...no i'm not! shes pretty! its always her! ARGH! continuing in my rage i saw him walking, probably thinking how he would torture those horrible mew mews! i laughed to myself, i hope she dies! wait wait, violence, violence, calm down mire....mi mi.....kitty cat? i jumped out of the window, i was only insane in my room, totally weird for me, i sat on the roof tightening my bandages.
he stared at my flying towards the roof saying "Mi Mi Chan!' he said smiling i replied with a 'hello' and we just sat there, he knew when i was sad but never could tell why. continuing to think i kept staring at him when he wasnt looking, his green hair was so beautiful like the grass, i wish we could run away to a planet like this and leave these humans alone......but blue would never let that happen...........
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