i was only 17 when i was in the hospital on august 6, 2009. well, now I’m going on 18 but anyway, i wasn’t responding to anything that anyone was trying to tell me. i could hear them but i couldn’t respond. then they took me to get a CT scan and they found blood clots. the next morning my mom showed up to keep me company. she came in crying. i didn't know why. then before i knew it i was rushed to another hospital. my mom followed. that day my doctor told my mom that it didn't look so good. "she's going to die. I’m sorry she's not going to make it." he says to my mother. now i knew why she was crying. 

**i just had 3 strokes**

thats my stroke story.  i am almost 18 and of course this still will be a memory for me even years from now of how i, a 17 year old had 3 strokes and lived to tell her story.

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