I´m what they would call new to the site. Well I basically see myself new aswell, but I feel like if I´m the only person on. All day I´m on and no one is never on. At least none of my friends on here.

That is why I don´t like to accept random friend request, I like to have the person done as a friend before stamping friend on their forehead. In every site that I join I´m like this, I´m sorry to those that want to be friends right away, and I know that sometimes we send friend request generally because that person has their profile set to private were only their friends can see their profile.


But this blog is not about that, this blog is about why people are so scared to even set their profile to viewable by everyone?

I really don´t understand that, it´s not like if there will be people out looking for you. Come on, you and I know that you´re not that special. So to make something that can go on for hours, short. How about getting over your fair of opening up to others and set your profile to public.

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