A sci fi I have worked on for years, inspired by others. I hope you enjoy. It's been updated.

Chapter 1

The story so far...

In 2050, humanity made its first outer-world friends that suddenly landed on Earth in hopes of peace. Over time, the aliens helped make medication and technology. The aliens contributed to the development of laws for the world's most advanced cities. But not everyone agreed with the alien presence.

In 2080, a human rebel alliance waged war against the world. This rebel alliance is known as the Kasara. The partly uneasy truths with the aliens and humans caused this rebellion to rise, despite all the efforts to make peace with them. Most rebels had their lives drastically changed in the process of their growing fear and anger. Most lost their families. They attacked fiercely, turning their stolen alien technology against humanity with the help of corrupted military forces. Quickly becoming a threat. The world would be in for a fight.

Feeling desperate, the good military forces formed a special army of genetically augmented soldiers called the Resistance Troopers. The Resistance Troopers helped repel much of the Kasara's attacks. But the Kasara proved to be too mighty, and destroyed most of the augmented soldiers. The Kasara threaten the peace between the humans and aliens.

All seems lost in this hopeless war. Until an unexpected entity rises up.

GAP (Georgia Police) HQ, 8:45 PM, April 1, 2100.

Atlanta is warm under the setting sun. Hovering vehicles touch the horizon.

The Resistance Trooper shuttle bay is packed full of aircraft. Two lines of Troopers stand between Kert

Karosso Kert
"Tonight, we take back what is ours!” Troopers acknowledge “I want maximum effort. This is one of the most important missions we will do!”

Let me brief you: The Kasara found Gyer's Island, an old underground weapons facility is in there. They plan to take the weapons and supplies to their leader. We will fly to the Kasara,” He points at the holographic map “We will do an all out assault, stopping the Kasara from getting those weapons.”

Wendy Prescott
Climbs off dropship "Alright captain, all significant damages are fixed."

Karosso Kert
"Very good."

Wendy Prescott
"I got an update about the weapons facility, the orbital drones detect two more anti-air guns in development in a rather quick pace.."

Karosso Kert
“Very well. Good job, Wendy.

Turns to the others “Alright, looks like we can't do a direct approach anymore, so we need to use stealth. You will go in two groups. Carry, lead Group 2. Glard, assist Group 2. Vadilda, you come to Group 1."

Carry Tarriyama
“I guess you have a backup plan for the guns?”

Karosso Kert
“We need a way to get an advantage against them. We need a sniper.. Carry will aid us. As you cover us, your group will kill as many rebels as possible, and Team 1 will infiltrate the base; destroying all weapons. After you've taken out enough troops, go to your group to wipe out the rest.”

Carry Tarriyama

Karosso Kert
“Move out, everyone!”

Carry Tarriyama
“You heard him, move, troopers!”

Resistance Troopers sprint to their helmets, setting them on. Loading their guns. Locked and loaded. Everyone but Carry sprints to the 2 active dropships. She loads her sniper, heading with the others. Her Pilot, Patrica, already inside.

Patrica Aimanos
"Thrusters one by two, check. backup and main power, check. Status: Green."

The shuttle bay's big blast door opens. The ships hover out.
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