We snickered silently to ourselves eyes focused on on the screen before us.On the screen was a gif of yet another cat, this time pretending to be a ninja.
A loud obnoxious buzzer filled the room signaling the end of class. We strolled beside each other looking up occasionally to see where we were going.
I didn't realize it yet but today was going to be the start of something big.Soon the second bell rung and we were still wondering, unaware of our
surroundings. We soon heard our names in a loud firm voice we exchanged glances momentarily then spun around.

Standing no more than 4 feet away was Mr. Prell, the science teacher. "Shouldn't you two be in class?" he said looking annoyed."Uhh It's still passing
period" said my friend as he grabbed my hand, and pulled me off to the next hallway. I turned my head I could feel myself blushing, and didn't want
him to see. I couldn't get myself under control .He looked at me with those soft hazel eyes.He looked down at our hands as he was still holding it he
dropped my hand. "something wrong?" he inquired. "No.." I responded quietly. "Is it that Prell guy 'cause don't worry I am sick of him too"

"No it's not him..." I said beginning to walk in the opposite direction, he opened his mouth to talk but I interupted him. "I should really get to class"
"you're late again" said Ms.Larange my spanish teacher as I walked into class. I dropped my bag on the floor promptly sitting down." I know" I didn't
know why everyone had to remind me everyday how late I was. I tried to pay attention to the lesson today but my mind would jsut wonder back to
him whenever I tried. What was it about him? Was I just adore how he spends time with me? Was it his smooth dark hair?

I snapped myself back to reality at the sound of my name beign called again by Ms.Larange's shrill voice. It was no wonder she wasn't a mrs.Larange
with that voice. I looked at the note infront of my. "oh great another pink slip" I thought to myself, getting up and grabbing my bag.I Probably wasn't
coming back this time.I flopped down into a chair at the office waiting to see what I did this time I was delighted to see my friend Serena sitting a few chairs
away I wouldn't have to endure this alone.We waved to each other before I snapped my attention to Mrs.Deliare."you have been late to all your classes
so far today any explaination?""No Mrs.Deliare" I replied looking down at my shoes.The shoes were sketchers GOwalk
in purple.My socks were a blue no show with light green heel."as long as im not thinking about...damn I am thinking about him again" I thought I looked
back over to Serena hoping she could clear my mind, then Mrs. Deliare returned her attention to me "you need to stop spacing out now as I was saying you
need to start attending your classes or the punishments will be more severe." she warned and I nodded.

Serena soon was dismisseed and got up to leave we too exchanged glances. I gave a little "wait for me" look as she gave an "I will" I watched as she exited the
office corridor, rounded to corner, and dissapeared. I looked back at the clock it was near time for lunch.I remained quiet and tried to be good for the next 5
minutes so serena wouldn't have to wait long and sure enough they let me go in under 4. I scurried off following where I saw Sernea go. Soon I reached her
and we began walking together. We talked about various things from how awful Miss. Sharentigo is to meeting up on Saturday.

The lunch bell rang and I said I would see her later. maybe not as soon as she thought. I met up with him again, getting into his truck as we went out to lunch
We barely got a the first streetlight before he noticed me smiling like an idiot. "what's up?" He asked looking from me to the light. "nothing..why?" I replied
removing the smile from my face. Silence filled the car as we drove forward and turned right, soon to be broken. "do you ..have a crush on me?" I felt the
adrenaline pump as he said those words.

I didn't know how to reply, I stood in silence for a little bit contemplating an answer. "maybe a little.." I confessed unsure how he would react."I would be
uhh willing to give you a chance" He said with an awkward smile.I smiled back. We
both fell in real love later and thigns were good.
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