for some months my bff had love with one! but for some reasons she broke up, but she is really emotional, she was trying to suiside by eating pills, she had an surgical operation for that, she did some scar on her hand, she try to forgot these, but she can't, she is really sad, she is trying to suiside, i am her bff so she tell me this, I want to save her and make her fine again, but i have no words to console her, u guyes r other frends of me, can u give any tip or information how can i console my frend and and take back her fine! i need ur help, hop ur help! Smile
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I think you should tell an adult and maybe take her to a counsellor/therapist. She obviously won't get over it so maybe you could tell her stuff like He wasn't worth it and remind her she'll find a better person. From Elise x
  • August 17, 2014
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