So today hasn't exactly been the greatest day for me, since my emotions were crazier than usual and I felt like so below everyone.
Like they could step on me or something like that, and if they did I couldn't do a thing to defend myself.
I felt stuck and helpless.
In the beginning I was in a decent mood, but that didn't last long and it soon changed to depressed and I was like that the first part of the day (2nd through 4th period)
Then 5th through 8th period I was angry and bitter towards everyone and wanted to be alone, I wanted to go home. I felt like people were judging me and calling me names, and I take those things to heart. Although sometimes I don't show it, and mask it, it seriously hurts me.
I was called a b**th by someone I didn't know and shoved up against my friends while we were talking, and I didn't even know her. Normally someone would juts give her a look and shrug it off, cause I mean they don't know her. But, because of that I feel like everyone has a problem with me and is just hiding it from me. For whatever reason, I don't know.
I make up the reasons and just assume that's why they hate me.
My trust issues are getting worse and worse and I feel like I can't tell anyone anything.
I feel like everyone hates me and wants me dead, and I feel like crying so hard right now.
I truthfully want to die sometimes. I think about stabbing and slicing my throat and wrists up a lot, but I usually don't follow through with that....
I just feel hated.
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Wolfiee,no one hates you,plus that girl that called you that she can go to hell.And I hope you get better
  • September 20, 2014
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omg me too i know how you feel everytime at school i feel like my classmates talking and judging me
  • September 20, 2014
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Hang in there, just try to stick with the nice people and ignore the mean ones. No one can control what others say about them so I wouldn't let it bother me, the haters don't even know you so they don't know what they're talking about. See ya soon
  • September 20, 2014
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