well ^-^ i hav to make up a costume 4 halloween>> andd well it looked like this

eheeh well with out mask o.o'' xD as u see there ish a lots of blood in there lol.. XD wus rlly fun makeing mah chothes bloody lol x3 but there wus a liwwle accindent o.o'' mah lil sis wus helping me..soo xD she wus walking around with the pot the paint wus in..=w= she started to paint my big sisters face and she pushed her away..XD mah lil sis triped and all the bloody paint got on a White Wall lmao XD i wus still working and my costume and noticed like 5 secs later...4 a moment i thoth they hurted themself anyway i wus like HOly &*%$ lol eheh anyway weve stard cleaning o.o and got the wall -couch- pink..we painted it bk white lol XD and my mom wusnt home wus just us 3 lol XD sooo my mom didnt noticed yet so shhh o.o

        Enjoy ur halloween and i hope u dont have my luck lol>w>

                                                     Bloody halloween every1!^-^

                                                                        wuv kity~:3

Quote:Originally posted by: Jasman_Myerlol, your mom hasn't found out yet?how funny
yup..and there are secrets that shouldnt be told..and she havnt notice yet!lol xD so im pretty lucky
  • November 9, 2009
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Omg that would be like O.O
  • January 13, 2011
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