Why is this important?

In this society, I feel that many artists are at a disadvantage because their artwork can easily be stolen--especially if they post the majority of their artwork online. People can easily save their drawings, repost them, and claim them as their own. There have also been many cases where original art is stolen and sold by others without permission. It's frustrating; people make money off of stolen art that artists spent YEARS and HOURS creating. In addition it's even more of a frustration when the thief refuses to credit the original and continues to sell said stolen artwork.

Why am I writing this?

Because of people like Gary Parkin, and to forewarn others about this issue. I feel others need to be reminded about how important this is, so people like Gary FRIGGIN Parkin hopefully won't exist in the future. But one can dream.

That being said, it's okay if you copy and reference an original artwork for practice as long as you credit the artist. But selling artwork that isn't yours is NOT OKAY especially if you never asked for permission.
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