A basic sketch of an eye is all about creating an oval shape with an iris and pupil. However, drawing a realistic eye is nothing less than an ordeal for those who have no knowledge of it. When learning how to draw an eye, you must observe its anatomy critically. With a closer look, you will realize that the eyeball is not a perfect sphere, the cornea bulges out from the iris making it look flat and the reflections from the front eye shows a curved surface.
This kind of detailing is important especially when you’re aiming to draw a realistic and reasonable eye. Stated below are some useful tips that will accurately guide you to draw the perfect eyes:
Have a Reference
The first step to draw realistic eyes is to have an appropriate reference to build upon. Your reference can be a photo, mirror or a subject such as your friend. It is best to have a realistic reference to produce the most pragmatic eyes. Nonetheless, an extremely detailed photograph can also do the trick for you.
Start With Outlines
Ideally, eyelids are drawn first followed by the iris. However, you can begin with the iris first, whichever way it works for you. For starters, try to draw the iris as a full circle then erase from wherever it overlaps the eyelids so that you reach the right shape. Once you reach the accurate shape, draw the outer eyelid edges along with folds and creases near the eye.
Shading and Highlighting
Look out for any highlights across the surface of the eye and lightly outline them for a natural appearance. Shade the iris in the eye to mimic the radiant patterns present in the reference, shade the pupil for creating good, solid darks. As a word of advice, make the pupil larger when drawing to make the eyes look friendlier. Also, make a highlight curve across it to show a natural shine in the eyeball.
Add layers in the inner white of the eye by perfectly shading it with a sketch pencil. Once you are done with the inner eye, very lightly shade the outer eye. Now, come to the upper eyelid and shade it while slowly flowing around the eye. In case, your shading gets stronger, soften it with an eraser.
Make sure that the highlights are crisp to give it a 3D look and feel. Erase all the excess tones, do some re-drawing if necessary and finish the drawing by adding eyelashes. Avoid growing the eyelids from the middle; instead, grow them precisely out of the front edge. Use a flicking motion by lifting the pencil towards the end of the hair in order to draw the natural taper of the eyelash.
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