The best way to get better at something is to practice. Becoming a great artist demands hard work, skills and adequate time to master the tricks of the trade. However, many renowned artists and painters suggest that in order to become a professional artist, aspirers must go slow and steady so that chances of mistakes minimize and you get control over your drawing.
It is highly advised that when you’re learning to draw, have a productive pace so that quality work is done. No one expects you to create photographic images but having control over your creation and going smoothly and slowly will permit you to reach your desired result.
There are some drawing techniques that are relatively difficult and slow to learn, but once you gain command over them, there is nothing that can stop you from becoming an exceptional artist. To know more about these miraculous drawing techniques, read below:
Hatching and Cross-Hatching
Hatching and cross-hatching is one of those basic drawing techniques that cannot be easily learned. According to this technique, small lines are drawn closely together to create a shading effect across the object. When an artist draws a line in the direction of the form or object, the definition of the entire object gets better. For a more realistic look, cross-hatching technique works best. Adding more value and depth to the drawing, cross-hatching requires you to draw lines in one direction and then cross over them in the opposite direction.
The tighter and closer you draw, the more bona fide the drawing will appear. However, this requires you to go slow and steady until you reach perfection and gain complete control over your artwork.
Smooth Shading
Shading is not as easy as it sounds. The process of learning how to shade requires the artist to give ample time and constant practice to create a smooth and subtle look. There are a couple of ways to gain command over shading; one of them is to use a pencil to create smooth strokes that are bound closely; secondly, you can use the hatching technique or a shading tool to create definite and smooth shading to the object.
Again, this technique demands a lot of practice to master. Remember, you need to go slow and steady to come up with the perfectly shaded drawing.
If you are perplexed and confused about how to draw a nose or how to draw a dragon, then turn to us and we will guide you how! At DrawingNow, you can expect some helpful tips, tutorials and videos that will assist you step by step to draw the perfect image.
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