If you have to tell someone that's the wrong thing you did, tell them nicely. Like Kirby (user on DrawingNow), he said that I didn't deserve to be happy. But what would make your life fun if you couldn't even smile?

I'm hated mostly. Samantha called me a b*** and said she was a great friend. But I don't think she was a great friend, I'm not trying to be offensive. A great friend would not call someone a b***, they would say: Hello. My name is _______! Could you please be my friend! I'm sure we'll have lots of fun together because we have similar interests!

Sometimes, calling someone a cuss word makes them feel hurt. So try being softer with your words, 'kay?

It doesn't even matter if someone spells something wrong to be honest.

1-1 Fight, and you go in it: Fruf and Kirby stood up for Samantha but no one stood up for me so I just admitted suicide but I knew I couldn't. Because I still have a future going for me! Anyway, fruf called me a toddler. Kirby said f*** your opinions to me. Opinions could help people, right?? Anyway, I am not a toddler. A toddler is a baby from ages 1-3. Not right to call someone a toddler when they aren't.

Jokes: Once and for all, can you please stop making jokes on me? Some jokes could be meant to hurt others. One person made a joke on me saying I'm a weaboo. I didn't know that it was a joke. I just felt hurtful! And I planned to admit suicide and after that, they told me it was just a joke and told me to calm down. TELLING SOMEONE TO CALM DOWN AND YET, MADE A JOKE was not funny at all. I took it seriously. So never make jokes that could hurt others, 'kay? Apologize if someone feels hurt!

Why is DrawingNow so a messed up place? We should get along well, our language needs to be nice, not offensive. Care about others feelings please. Telling someone to go away when they come in FlashChat is inappropriate because someone nice would say: Hi [User's name] and welcome!

Ugh. I just keep feeling that this place is all messed up. And what's up with the glitch thing? You think the glitch in FlashChat is a spam from a person? Well, no. It just had to happen. So don't go yelling at them and said they spammed! It's just the server on FlashChat. -_-

Take it seriously. In FlashChat, we should not leave everyone alone. Everyone are leaders. Each person should have the chance to talk. If you're talking to someone, please PM them. It gets disruptive to people when you're talking alone to someone, it makes them feel lonely.

To the people who have read this, thank you for spending your time to read this. I appreciate it very much. So lets make this place more friendly! ^O^

Eyy.. some people could be kids (I'm not saying little kid or big kid) so try not to make fun of them or cuss at them!! They will learn the words and use it when they grow up to the other kids and I do not want that to happen. It's not friendly, or funny. It's violent to these kids. I'm a kid too. Tongue

Don't go judging on people by their races!! They're a human too, just like you!

Some people could say they're a fox, but please don't yell at them. They're just having fun so why not go along with it?!
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I spent one hour making this blog. o-o
  • November 25, 2015
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So this blog says how I feel for other people. x.x Keep this a nice place please!
  • November 25, 2015
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