Cartoon is one of the most popular themes that the kids are interested in. The nice cartoons are always in their mind from kids to adult. Do your children love cartoons? Do you want to introduce cartoon to your kids? Most of kids love characters in Paw Patrol movie. All children in the worlds are obsessed by this movie. They love the rescue pup’s gang and it spreads to many households.

It your children are a fan of Paw Patrol, throwing a Paw Patrol party for them. In this post we have designed and supplies lots of nice Paw Patrol Coloring Pages (You can see link at the end of article) and fun games and activities for your party. Read on and discover.

1. Rescue Task of Ryder

Ryder needs everyone’s help to find all the pups have lost. The guests will bring all dogs back with Ryder.

You print out all pictures and rides of the pups. Place these pictures on a table. Hide the pictures of the rides around the room of party. You can adjust the level of game to make guests easier to find, for example, tape some pictures on the walls, put on the table, windows, and hang on the ceiling and many more. When the player collect all the vehicles and they have to match them to the right owners.

2. Water Rescue of Zuma

All you will need for this game is a small tub or your bathtub with some water in it, some small magnets, figures, a nail and a string. For each figures you need to glue the magnets, tie the string onto the nail or other metals that the magnets can stick to. Fill about 5 inches of water in your tub before starting game. Spread the figures out across the bottom of the tub.

How to play: Players must rescue as many of figures as they can, they will have 30 seconds, and however you can adjust suitable time. Guests use the string with nail to fish the figures out without putting hands into the water. The award is for person who rescues the most.

3. Create Paw Patrol

You will need to prepare some clay and plastic knives for guests. On the table, you place all the clay and plastic knives. The guests will gather around and let them create their favorite characters from the Paw Patrol movie out of clay. After creating their pup they can use them to play with others. The guests can take their products home as a gift.

4. Rubble's Trouble

Help Rubble to load rocks into his dump truck. You need to prepare rocks (cotton balls), plastic spoons, a bowl, a dump truck (you can use an extra bowl if you haven't got a dump truck) and a timer. Fill the rocks in the bowl and place it on the table.

The player will begin the game by using the spoon to load the rocks into the dump truck. A timer will be established thus they must move quickly. The winner is who has the fastest time.

5. Pinning Chase

Print out a coloring page of Chase with the badge and some badges for children. Player's name will be written on each badge and stick on the back of each badge with a piece of double sided tape. You can print out Paw Patrol badges at here.

The picture of Chase will be hung on. The kids line up, hand the first person their badge and have a blindfold and let them walk to the picture and pin the badge on Chase. The person gets the closest to the right spot on Chase, he or she is winner.

6. Skye's Loop N'Hoop

You buy some Hula hoops at dollar stores. Using string to hang them on the ceiling or trees, depending on where you throw game. Because there are a range of ages, you need to hang the hoops at different heights, so that children can handle.

Let the children make paper airplanes that are easy to make. The kids will take turns to fly their paper airplanes like Skye. Each kid has to get their planes through each hoop. The person who make plane through one hoop or all of the hoops will get your reward. However the reward is not problem, the children just are happy in the party.

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