I`m a little sad i don`t know why though. It is just a feeling like I feel like i just watched Brokeback Mountain,drank some cold coffee,have`nt brushed my teeth, exauhsted,and alone. I feel terrible! I hate these feelings.

Today was crazy in my first period class i had to do a skitt with my friend for a major test grade. I had to draw a fake mustache. That was fun and i looked great this morning til some dumbass retard spilled soup all over me!

People need to learn how to carry a bowl of soup with two hands. I got pissed and katherine cussed me out. Because i was yelling at the guy who spilled soup on me so i got really pissed. I feel sad and very moody sorta like stan form that Eminem video maybe not as crazy but pretty sad.

aw that sux :/
i had to do a happy skitt today too,and my hair was messed up x(so that was embarrasing
wow that blows even more balls that kat cussed u out :0 she should of been there for u,not yell at u
oh well tomarrow will be a better day for u , i hope :T
  • December 5, 2009
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