Ya ok so i'm bak with another blog since thats all i do wen i get on this site now lol...anyways i've been having some problems with my so called "best friend" Sara who has told me 2 leave her alone and that i wasnt her friend all bcuz i wanted her 2 hang out wit me & all she wanted 2 do was lay in her room & get fat. So i told her 2 sit somewhere else @ lunch. She did wut i told her 2 do(as she usually does) & began sitting somewheres else, but i really miss all the fun times we had 2gether (& i told her this). But she still chooses 2 treat me like a pile of ?!@# lying in roadkill, and ignore me. I'm not the 1 whos going 2 apologise 1st bcuz shes the 1 that chose 2 treat me like crap. Oh & Remember how i said she didnt like 2 hangout but just lay in her room all day well i recently saw her hanging out @ the movies with another 1 of my friends who never usually says or does anything daring(a very boring but caring person which is y shes my friend)..Didnt she just call me boring(ME!! the one that always wanted 2 go do fun stuff @ the mall,but wen i asked sara 2 join me she wud blow off my plan & say she didnt want to). I feel very betrayed & heart broken bcuz of this. So what do you think i should do? Should i just go ahead & apologise 4 me asking her 2 hang out wit me, or should i just let her stew in her own stupidity for awhile, and hope she becomes my friend again(keep in mind she holds grudges 4ever)? Or should i just tell her 2 kiss my & go on with my life.

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