I have found out there will be a new Sapphire Shine character. She will be a final heroine Sapphire Shine character, because that will be enough. All of the Sapphire Shine heroine characters are listed: Aurora, Luna, Nebula, H!ki, Akira, Xio, and Light. H!ki is not much of a heroine character. Akira is almost the same as H!ki, because she is too young to be in the Aurorian Team.

Remember, there will be a final Sapphire Shine heroine character. Some of the ideas are needed. The others are already added. Here are the ideas. She is Akira's new friend, and she is the same age. She is the new student on Akira's school. She is a neko, with short pink hair, dark green eyes, and white skin. She is kawaii with maid suits. Unlike Akira, she has a secret. Her secret is that she has a jewelry box inside the closet in her bedroom, and the jewelry box can have powers as the Aurorian Jewels and Cards. The jewelry box's power light can send the jewelry box's owner to the Magical Palace that can be like the dreams.

The ideas that are needed is that the new Sapphire Shine character needs a name. The ideas are needed by a comment, but please do not send me the link on what sites I can search for names. The ideas is what really needs to be a name. It has to be a full name, because then I'll completly know about a new Sapphire Shine character. For a full name, try not to add a middle name. A new Sapphire Shine character does not needed to have a middle name. All it needs is a first name and a surname. The name should not be used as inapropiate words, ect. If so, then it needs to have a new name.

For the picture of what the new Sapphire Shine character looks like, it is here in one of the galleries. This picture is not only for a contest entry, but it is also for showing a new character look. She is not only wearing a Christmas clothes, she oftenly wears a pink, yellow, and white maid suit. Her hobbies are cooking, but that's not all. She also creates creative music, and she always like to draw. Her artwork styles are paintings. They're included drawings, sketches, and clay. She can be really happy, but she can be serious.

When she become a grown-up, she wanted to become a well-known. She does not like to be alone from others. She wanted to become a professional for anything. Currently, she is trying to be herself, so she can be amazing as always. She wish she could be like the feminine protagonists from Sapphire Shine, including Aurora, Luna, ect. Her favorite jewels are Emerald, Sapphire, and Ruby. She especially like the crystals and diamond with the gold strips and ending attached together.

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