Sorry guys i have bad news for you. Not because i wasnt here for the last few days because i know you guys all adore me very much.. JK..!!! But ya  i couldnt blog these few days because i was really busy you know, hair cut and all those mommy wants you to stuff stuff. So ya i was really busy. and then you know like yesterday, omg my grandpa was like " o ... on the news obama was making an annoucement. Normally i didnt reallyu care what he said or mentioned because you guys should all know about old people, they keep repeating stories we have actually have heard over 1000000000000000000 times so like i didnt really bother hearing it. BUT when he said the word SUMMER vacation or actyually the phrase or wahterver you call it, he got my attention. Okay, so only if your some sort of vote for obama when your capable of doing from today on or from whenever your reading this blog and then on. My grandpa was like: "OOO i really lyke obama because he said..." and then u noe wat obama descided to doo..IF u dont actually know yet let me tell you ... he descides or tries to persuade everybody else that kids should have more time in class and less for vacation.. and the class should be all until dinner time at home .. and they should have summer school for everyone and the vacation should be shorten. and i was like wat... except the face was a sad face.. SO TAKE ACTION EVERYONE..although im not in amercia right now and it doesnt affect me but it will to u .... SO TAKE ACTION QUICK or elese the whole world will be evaportaed by sSCHOOOL WORKD>>. work with me if your not a geek or nerd, and email me [email protected] 

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