hey, you guys i have news for all of you, well you might not want to here it butt its true, because well, kids in all over the world and epsiclally British are failing their fitness scores and quizes. That means people are gett...FATTER<<<AND FATTER .. which doesnt help the society world. Okay, rite now you might be fit and buff and all but, let me tell you the world rite now is progressingly adding fatnes and everyone is getting all sort of disease because becaue of this  this CREEPY THING...FE DUU DUU ZU wei MEN. {chinese} lol, so take action get fit, and dont be fat, espiuclally you oh my god god im getting creeped our

Topics: British, Kids, {and, ALL, KIDS}
Very nice of you.. I'm not fat..
  • December 23, 2009
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Quote:Originally posted by: maniacwithamagicmarkerVery nice of you.. I'm not fat..I didnt say ur fat ..?
  • December 24, 2009
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