Sapphire Shine Banner Updates!

The deadline is now changed for the deadline on Sapphire Shine. However, on ~Sapphirane Specials~, the deadline is still 31 January, 2010. But for the contest of the Banner Contest, it is going to be due on 31 December, 2009. That contest is almost alike ~Sapphirane Specials~, but partly different. One of the pictures, drawn for ~Sapphirane Specials~ contest will be used for the banner on Sapphire Shine. Whoever has the best drawing and be the winner will be used.

For those who is not a member of Sapphire Shine, please join. It will be for fun. For Sapphire Shine website, it needs more members. It will almost be like Sapphire Shine group, but it is also going to be a fan site for Sapphire Shine Anime/Manga.

My Profile

If you want to know about Sapphire Shine Anime/Manga, please check out my profile and there is the info in my blogs. Go to my profile, and click on Blogs on the Top Panel. Thanks to you all who is reading this.

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