Today is Christmas and my day has gone well! My 'lil sister woke me and my fam. up at 6:00 a.m. It was some what fun and some what terrible. I had 4 Christmases because my whole family can't fit in one house.My 1st X-mas i got a keychain kit and a magic bubble thing(i was sick so i had to wait to open the next day,This happened on the 24th).#2 (25th) i got paperonis,DSI,greek mythol. book,scribble nauts,Fearless(CD),arts and crafts,fashion designing book,pickles,markers,and foam book marks(at home X-mas).#3 ,2 toy hamsters,an easel, and other stuff i can't remember.#4 has not come yet,I have heard it is coming this weekend!My Christmases were great even though my Christmas Eve sucked because i puked 5 times,and when i ate M&Ms they left my body through my mouth 15 minutes later!But otherwise it was awesome!

Topics: Christmas, toys, food, health
  • December 25, 2009
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