Hey people! Okay on Friday the most craziest thing happened to kat and I.

It all started when my mom and dad had to go to a business trip in Florida. I stayed home with katherine. Cuz I hate being all alone!

So they said bye and it was about 4:00 in the afternoon.

We started to watch Jersey Shore and I was looking at the newspaper and i see this...

WTH!!!??? Okay i showed katherine and she was like, "Oh my god Carina ur stoopid! THat isn`t true."

I was like whatever and started to make some cake.

ALL OF A SUDDEN I hear this big thud and explosive screaming!

Like a fat woman jumping into a pool!

Katherine ran over to me and we looked out the window and saw this...

and oh my god! THIS.....

I was like AHHH!!!!

Kat was like is that a woman????

They were coming to MY house! Katherine was all like cairna you have some mexican communicate with them!

The thing is i don`t know spanish.

We were doomed.

We ran over to my parents closet becuase it was big and we could probobly hide there!

THen we saw this n***a!


Kathrine was like n***a you best get out right now and he said,"I`m hiding form the aliens and katherine was like WHY???

He said well aren`t you and plus i pissed them off because i hierd three white manladies to steal thier food.

Katherine was like why?

I was confused to then he told us becuase nobody was buying his new album so he ould`nt afford food and at the same time we saw three ugly manlady white chicks i nthe background. They were also in the closet!!!!

I was like HELL NO!!!!

Then we heard some noise in the kitchen..THe aliens had came.

We hid in the closet whith them.

I was scared first of all there were three manlaides and a black man!

I turned on the lights and saw this in the closet...




XXDDD  that was hilarious XD
  • January 4, 2010
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Wow, really? lol
  • January 4, 2010
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  • January 16, 2010
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