Back to the story...

I was like OH MY GOD!!!

I look over and R-Kelly is laying o nthe floor crying.. I WANT MY MOMMA!!!!

The blonde guy things are all like...Uhhh??? Burito???

My and katherine are like Get out of here!!!!

We run out and go to my attic.

It maybe safe there. WE go up there and i like to play in my attic so there was costumes and food up there and a mini radio.

We were somewhat safe. Then we see this...

I am like okay this n***a has a knife and a crazy italian man next to him what now i look over to the other side and i see...

Everything was quiet...Then we all looked at eachother.

Scarface was the first to speack..,"OKAY LISTEN UP WE GOT TO DEFEAT THEZ MEXICANOS!!!!

The n**i killing guys are all like, "NOOOOO BUT WE DON`T KNOW HOW WE KILL NAZIS!!!!

This was a major problem scing katherine is half german and i am half mexican!

Lets just say katherine is Russian and i am Italian...

We now thought of ourselfs as this...



They asked them what race we were and i said Italian and Katherine said Russian so it all worked out.

We planned our plan and that was to but burritos and shoot them out of a cannon ball!


Then this huge mexican came in through the doors!


Scarface went over and hit him with a burrito!

HE fainted and we got at least 100,00 burritos!

Killed all of the mexicans and after that cleaned up.

Long ending short we all sat down and rested then we hear a ringing at my doorbell.

We opened the door up and see this...

A new attack...




  • January 4, 2010
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XD what an adventure XD
  • January 4, 2010
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ANCOUR however u spell it XD that was awesome!
  • January 16, 2010
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Quote:Originally posted by: BloodyDragon lol thanks dude my own blogs crack me up!
ANCOUR however u spell it XD that was awesome!
  • January 17, 2010
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