Nebula:The History of Time Zone

It was the year 3475 B.C. Once, there was the ancient stationary. It is a statue of the Crystal Sapphire. It is the color of gold with a special script. They remind some people who has been died, over 100 years ago. Once, there was a carton filled with Crystal Apples. The box has reflections. It has the mirror effects and it is the color of Crystal. The box was very fragle, and it is covered with glass. It is very heavy. Some people think that nobody should pick the Crystal Carton Box, but it's not true. However, anybody who is very strong can pick it up.

The ancient stationary is near to the Court Yard. The Court Yard is filled with Ruby Roses, Crystal Water Fountain, Spring Lifetime Trees, and Puffy Clouds. There was a reflection of the Crystal Water in the Crystal Water Fountain. There were 5 Ruby Roses, sitting on the Crystal Water. Because it reminds people of the ancient stationary. Some people think it could be a Magical Dream to visit the Court Yard. Other people think it's lame to visit.

Once, there are women visiting in the Outer Space. The rocket ship's time limit is 4 hours, because it's very special to visit in the Outer Space in the time of 3475 B.C. The year 3475 B.C. is the only famous B.C. year of time, because of the ancient stationary of the Crystal Statue.

In the Outer Space, some women may have thought they have learn about Outer Space. These women are 20-30 years of age. However, there are only one thing that things have never come out until 1 hour later. So nobody have learn about anything like that yet. It is going to be a Nebula, so it is going to be very important. It will come up on June 29, 3475 B.C., but right now it was June 29, 3475 B.C. On the next hour, one of the women have saw something important. It is very brightness and special. Some of the women are staring at it, because it reminds them of their Dreams. They would thought it was false, they thought they must have been in the dream. They've chat each other, but then they finally know it'll be called the Nebula.

Next year, in 3476 B.C., the women must have finally know about Nebula. One of the woman are using her ideas about more besides Nebula. It will be the time before Nebula will be born. But basically, it will be similar to Nebula thoughts.

The woman is traveling to the Ruins, building a Workshop. Until then it's build, she will work very hard to make the world become better place, and not even boring anymore! It will have fun ideas, but some of the people will think the future will still be boring. Because they just like something else, besides the Nebula ideas. The woman is going to make books, comics, movies, photography, ect. about Nebula. Even though some of them are not the part of the Outer Space. Since the woman has done the ideas of thoughts, the Nebula ideas are going to be published and will cost $15.40. Nowadays, the Nebula ideas became well-known and popularity.

It is now very, very far future. It is now 1995 A.D. It is the time when Nebula was born. She is not only a human, but her species are Sapphire Galaxy Data. It is Sapphire Galaxy Data, because they use Galaxy and Milky Way with the Nebula. Even the meteors and the Sapphire Planet. On Saturdays, it could be the day of the Saturn. Also, it could also be the day of the Sapphire Planet. One of the creators of Nebula (character) thinks that she is one of the best people from all over the world, they decide the name Nebula.



Gender: female

Age: 13-14

Locations: Sapphire Galaxy Planet, Earth

Color Form: Purple (Midnight Milkyway)

Symbol Form:
Power Form: Electronic Flight, Speed Electronic Power

Species: human, Sapphire Galaxy Data

Team: Ultimate Sapphire

Gemstone: Sapphire

Date of Birth: 04-22-1995

Place of Birth: Sapphire Galaxy Planet

Theme: Outer Space Galaxy

Hair Color: Purple, pink

Eye Color: blue

Skin Color: white

Height: 5'4

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