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Gender: female

Age: 15-17

Species: Sapphire Galaxy Data

Date of Birth: December 23, 1992

Place of Birth: Sapphire Galaxy Data Planet

Color Form: Purple (Midnight Galaxy)

Symbol Form: ♪

Power Form: Galaxy Fly, Speed Electronic, Strength

Height: 5’4

Hair Color: Black, Purple

Eye Color: Purple

Skin: Mix (white, tan)

Suit: Black and Purple Dress with White Sleeves, and Pink Gloves

Weapon: Ruby Cards

Gemstone: Onyx

Team: None

Litara is one of the characters from Sapphire Shine. She is related to Nebula. However, she is diminutive to Nebula, because she is born on the same planet. By the way, Litara is not born on the same day as Nebula. She is the first enemy on Sapphire Shine. For reason why, because she got tricked by a professor who created her to become an enemy. The professor made a big mistake to give info to Litara. It's not the professor's fault, she accidentally dropped a chemical and the glass broke while it was the weather of a hard wind. Then the purple chemical runs over, all over the body of Litara when she's in the machine when she has just been created by the professor. It gives her the evilness and the powers. The professor did not meant to make Litara evil. She was going to make her alike Nebula, but unlike Nebula, she's a villian and Nebula's a heroine. Nebula is also diminutive to Luna, and Xio is diminutive to Aurora.

When Litara became 14, she became a well-known, spreaded from the planet. But then when she became 16-years old, she was spreaded to the known in the entire universe. Once, Litara died because Nebula killed her. In the present time, she'd reincarnate, but now she's at least diminutive to Nebula, Xio, and Aurora.

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