Last night, I was drawing pictures of digital art of my new characters. You certainly might know one of my newest characters, indeed? Check out my gallery, it has my new characters in it. Also, if you check on those descriptions, it had a diminutive info about them and about how long I drew my drawings, etc.

 Today, it was kind of lame. It's not very much lame. It's just that I have to do my home school. I actually finished it at around 5:00 PM. I don't see the point how I finished it that late. Probably because I don't feel like doing them.

 Then I went to my computer. I don't feel like drawing for today, so I've check my Yahoo! e-mail, MapleNexus account, and DrawingNow account. MapleNexus is the only site that I haven't receive any comments for today. I don't know how, but MapleNexus is not very much active. Yahoo! is more well-known than the other two sites I'm talking about. For those who are reading this, I'm sure you certainly already know about this.

 Now that I was bored, I went to and browsing for forums and stuff. I was very bored, so this is the reason why it happened to be that way. I especially check topics that has many replies, because it keeps me from boredom and stays on the same page.


 Now that I don't feel like going to browse for forums, I'm still on the same site. I went to the home page of Forumer, and then I've just found one of the most popular forum site. I know it doesn't have mine, but I've just check their homepage. It reminds me of having Sapphire Shine, because I wish that Sapphire Shine is that big as their forum site.

 Now that I went to Sapphire Shine, I found out that it's back with layouts. It's not even blank anymore, it's back to with original settings. For those who are members of Sapphire Shine, it's back. No wonder how Sapphire Shine came back with templates and stuff, but there it is. It's finally back~~.

  • January 15, 2010
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