Dragon Ball Z is my top anime. It is something that I love because it is really funny. Dragon Ball Z has three series to it, But Dragon Ball Z Is the main series. First there is Dragon Ball, Where Goku is a kid and meets all of his friends. then it is Dragon ball Z when they're all adults and they have kids. And Dragon Ball GT is where they are grandparents and old, their children has had kids.

Dragon Balls main character is firstly Goku, He travels the world with Bulma to find the Dragon Balls, when all Dragon balls are collected, they are granted one wish from the Eternal Dragon. they come across lots of friends, as such, Oolong, Krillin, Yamcha, Master Roshi, Tien, Choutszu, Piccolo and Chi-chi.

Dragon Ball Z Is the series when all of these characters are grown up, Goku is adult and him and Chi-Chi are married, They have a son called Gohan. They have stronger opponents in this series, such as Frieza, Prince Vegeta, Cell and Buu.

Dragon Ball GT is when all of the characters have became grandparents and elder, their children has had children by now. I haven't completely watched this series just yet, but very good so far.

Dragon Ball Z Is my favourite anime and hope you watch and enjoy!

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