Can you help me?

Can you rate all my tutorials please.Be truthful.I wish to become a kid staff.

How do I submit my tutorials?And to who?

Please help answer that question.And help me by rating my tutorials.Remember be truthful

Also, I can not draw right now because I lost the pen that I use for my tablet that I use to draw.For right now please rate my other tutorials.Comment also

Thank You for reading my blog.

Quote:Originally posted by: Hikaru_desu
If ever you want to be a KidStaff, your Tutorials must be very good! and to submit the tutorials, just copy the link to your Tutorial and comment it to the high rank staffs. Who ? it can be GilStaff or Fiery_Nightmae. then both staffs will tell it to the Admin...
  • January 22, 2010
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I hope I become a kidstaff too!
  • May 7, 2011
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