top 2o things to  get Kicked out of a wal mart near YOU! ;D

20: scream at every cashier "I STUFF MY BRAS!"(most effective if your are a boy)

19: go to the toy section and push all the 'try me buttons'

18: try on the  cloths and go to the manger an say : " i was wear this when i did your mom ;]"

17: walk up to every costumer in the store and say : "Hi! *sniff* u smell like my picklez!"

16: go to the movie selves; throw down every movie and scream : "WHERE THE p**n?!?"

15: Put a bucket over you head , grab a mop and pretend your battling darth vader with your mop and going to every costumer saying : "let the  mop be with you"

14:drop all the cereals on the floor ; jump on them then  run around screaming " IMA CEREAL ILLER! IMA CEREAL KILLER!"

13: run in the middle of the store and scream: TARGET'S BETTER!!!"

12: go to an empty check out stand and try to scan people.

11:hide in the  cirle rack and when some one checks its out jump up and scream: "I LOVE YOU!"

10: pick up a guitar in the middle of the store and start to sing  21 guns horribly out of tune.

9: tell a black person  to smile more because  you didnt see him and ran right in to him.

8:make up imaginary products and ask every  staff in the store if they have any of them "whoppydoddles" ;]

7: grab a frozen chicken and scream :"ITS A LIVE! ALIVE!!"

8:dress in the oppiste sex's clothes and walk around saying: (girls: hey baby ;]) (boys: does this skirt make my butt look fat?' and  stcik ur a*s in the person's face)

6:dress in a pink dress and run around saying: 'have u seen my  lamb?'

5:jump into a mother's cart and scream at her: "GIMME ICE CREAM  YOU WOMAN! !!!"

4:squirt ketchup all over u and limp around the store and grab random  poeple saying: " GENERAL, THEY SHOT ME!"

3: Grab a random toy horse and scream:" THE BRITSH IS COMING! THE BRITSH IS COMING!"

2:get in the shopping carts and  use a broom stick and  pretend your a salor at see screaming:'LAND 'N HOEE!' and point to a  woman.

1: run in the store with water guns and scream: FOR AHLAHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! "  and wet every jew you  see :P

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lol so funny
  • February 6, 2010
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