Ok...I just wanna say this..cause my family said maybe I should start a blog about this..Im not sure if its supposed to be in drawings..but Whatever...So anyways where at red lobster and me and my sis are sharing the entree thing..i get the gralic herb shrimp pasta..and whata know..PICTURE NOT INCLUDED..So im really not sure..what its supposed to look like right..so they bring me the plate...and it has this clear sauce on it..and green basil..I think all over it..with shrimp..So Im like.."MM This aoutaa be good" So  taste it...And "YUCK!" so now im just eating the shrimp off of it..its kind gross but im like whatev.Then my mom asks me "what did you geT?" im like a shrimp pasta...and shes like how does it taste? im like *acting like a food critic* well i thought the sauce was a little off and whats with this basil every where!  ican barly see the pasta and shrimp! then i start getting a stomach ache...so im like WHOA! i dont remember getting a stomach ache like this in 2 years...So I go home and im in pain//right..FOOD POISING I SAY!! OOPS I MEAN BAD SHRIMP THEY GAVE ME!! I SHOUTED>.< Yeah..real bad shrimp..or whatever i ate..so im laying there on the couch..for about 3 hours then i get this water sensation inmy mouth and i run to the bathroom..*I think you dont wanna know the rest* so THen I kinda feel better...and then i fall asleep but end up waking up every hour..I almost didnt want to go to school but i did because we had imprortant stuff going on..Still feeling crumy..but i feel better now.. SO TEHE!

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