So for the second part of my pet blog, I am going to tell you about my dogs.

First off I have 2 dogs (used to be three) They are both Pomeranians (to me they are rat dogs,sorry, they know I love them though) The brown one is a female, her name ist Molly (my moms dog) and the other one (her mate, obviously a male) is the cream colored one, his name is Buddy (my brothers dog) Molly is about 6, I only think she gave birth twice, her first birth wasn't a very successful one, (Pomeranians only have about 2-3 pups) she had given birth to 2 puppies, the size of your palm (like normal) one was a male and the other a female. The male we had named Peanut, because to tell you the truth he looked like one, he was healthy. Sadly we never named the female because she ended up dying that night. Here second birth and her last was of 2 males, we named them Rusty and Boots. Rusty was the color of... well rust and Boots was the same but had looked like he was wearing boots. We sold them at the appropriate time, and I haven't seen any of them since. Well, so any way here are my dogs-



Molly (Middle)-

I also have 4 pigs.... there names are Bacon, Porky, Choppy and Hammy..


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