First of all, I hav the best online friends ever and willing to have more. I luv friends and I write to each one of them any time I can. Yesterday I wrote to them regarding my birthday (february 9) I turned from 12 to 13. I feel so much alive!!! Anyway I got a new sk8board (in which it helped me pull a muscle in my upper leg and foot, bruise my knee, get a rock stuck in the palm of my hand, and scrap the right half of my body. I guess that's wat u get for boarding in the winter.) I also got a new tablet, and that's the reason my pictures look better, but I still do 10 times better on real paper. So thanx to all my friends for wishing me a happy b-day and for just being my friends! And a happy Valentines day to everyone!!!

Topics: birthday, b-day
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