Well katherine and I got into this huge arguement. That explains not being online and her deleting her account.

I`m really not going to talk about it but all i`m going to tell you guys is that i` mleaving for good. She was why i was on here and stuff. But yeah it was really fun and I am leaving my account on here. So if you ever need to talk to me just send me and e-mail [email protected]┬áJust do that.

I just called off the freindship but yeah oh well. Stuff happens in life for reasons. I`m happy and i don`t know how she is since we don`t talk. Who knows we might be friends again but for right now no.

So thanks for everything and goodbye. I will update my page one last time and leave it like that. Thanks agai nand bye bye!


carina dee.

Topics: Carina, me, and, only
  • February 16, 2010
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