Yesterday, I tried auditioning for Grease the musical, I learnt my lines well and I felt very very confident, But when I did the actual thing, I epicly failed  First of all, I skipped a line, second of all, I giggled a little. And that proves, I am quite bad. I auditioned for Sandy, I thought I looked like her, my hair shoulder length, bright blonde and it curled up. After I read some lines. I was asked to sing, I felt really proud of myself! I had a strong voice.

I am already in the musical Little Shop Of Horrors. The age to actually do this club was 12+, although I managed to do a show when I was 11 years of age, most of the people in this club was 18 years old, they had all the main parts, but there was about 10 people about my age there, and they were good actors, when we were doing a rehearsal before, the director looked along the line of girls I was in. He pointed at me and I felt quite shocked, I followed him over to a chair and told me this: 'Right, you are a little girl in the dentist, and you have to scream as loud as you can when he comes up to you and run off' Everyone was looking at me as I sat down, the guy who played the dentist came up to me, Then I thought, Yeah.. My turn to go... Then I screamed, I epicly failed again, my scream went really quiet and weak, and I ran off the wrong side of the stage, I was told to give it another try, I ran off the right way and I did a little better. Yesterday I was doing a rehearsal (It is the last week until the first show) and they had put the props in, they used a lot more props than the last show (Fame) and when they shown me that chair I had to sit in, the music director said that he had a go and It was easy to slide out of, by now, I have gotten used to screaming. When It was my turn, I was sat in the chair, I looked at the dentist and screamed, they told me my scream was good, I tried to get out of the chair, but it was way to high and my butt couldn't get out! I had to have help to get me out! I ran off and when I was backstage, I fell over, I stood up and burst out laughing.

Wish me luck all of you peoples! My show is going to be better than the last one! Right? ^^

how to draw manga love it..........!

  • March 15, 2012
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