Okay, this isn't a blog that talks about my opinions on all the ugly people in the world (though if you're really curious about my opinion, I think everyone's beautiful in their own way). Anyway, back on topic. I have a LOT of pimples and they are VERY noticable. And no, I don't think I'm ugly and weather I think I am ugly or not isn't the point right now. But... my mom thinks I am. Seriously, a while ago she strolled into the room, took a good look at my face then exclaimed (angrily?), "Jess! Why's your face so ugly?" or something like that. But it REALLY offended me, so I just started pouting and looked away.

   As she lectured me on facial products, she told me to look her in the face, but I didn't want her to see my 'ugly face' so I refused. But she forced me to anyway and I glared at her in response. Then she takes a good look at my angry (ugly) face and says, "Why do you always look so angry? Are you getting your attitude from the computer?" AS IF! For my mom, she doesn't really understand my feelings. Wouldn't ANYONE be angry if someone insulted them by calling them ugly? Even worse, she further insults me by adding, "Do you need anger management?" Though, I have to admit I nearly laughed at that, but just managed to keep my angry face. But I think she was really serious which bugs me. After she FINALLY left, she left behind a ticked off 13 year old girl with a really dented ego.

   I personally think that I'm not ugly. I don't let people's comments get to me. I've been called mean, ugly, a **** *** etc. (okay, now that I remember that it's kind of getting to me), but I just push it all aside. I wonder if the wall that keeps those comments from my heart can last much longer...

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i know how you fell in every way shape and form
  • September 22, 2011
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