Hullo. I'm not in the mood to talk about my love life etc. right now so I'm gonna do storytime!!! Okay, these are little summaries and preview things about stories I'm gonna write. I've already started on two of them, though I'm having some kind of writers block. Ah well.

  Anyway... The characters of the stories (there are 5 stories in total I think), are all sisters, each with their own adventure. Ameka is the youngest sister, at twelve years old. This is her story:

  The full moon shone eerily that night, wispy clouds floating to and from it. The girl looked up at it and let out a howl. As the howl carried itself up towards the dark sky, the girl transformed, becoming a she-wolf. 'What has become of me?' the girl thought. 'I was once a girl, and now I must be a girl one moon, and a she-wolf the next. If only I had never met him, I would still be the girl I was before, I would still lead the life I used to have, I would still be working towards the future I had been aiming for.' Two wolfish tears shed from the she-wolf's beautiful topaz eyes. 'If only I had never met him, if only...' A chorus of howls erupted from the forest, calling for the she-wolf, calling for her to come join their pack once again. The she-wolf, once a girl, darted through the trees to rejoin the pack that had also been victim to the mysterious man who had ruined the girl's life, had ruined all their lives.

  Kato-Ryou is the second youngest, at thirteen years. Her story goes like this:

  Deeper... deeper... underneath the water, drowning. The monster that had taken her hostage somehow dissappeared... but now something else was dragging her down into the ocean's depths. It seemed to move faster than the creature before, it's movements seemed graceful, yet urgent. Bubbles erupted around the helpless girl as she and her new captor sunk deeper. "I guess this must be the end." she mused sorrowfully. "At least I'll die an exciting death. Though I'll never understand why and how it happened." Her mind faded into unconsciousness... A heartbeat. A breath. A conscious mind. The supposedly drowned girl awoke in a blue room. A room that strongly resembled the ocean. The girl looked around confused. "Where am I?"

  That ends Kato's story. It's the first one I started, but I didn't get far. This blog's getting pretty long... I'll start a new one. The next one will preview Karolynne's Ameyrius's and Aikou's stories. I hope you enjoyed Ameka's and Kato's!!!

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