Five days, haven't made blogs. Since my design and ideas were total completed for Sapphire Shine, I decided to restart making a manga. I decided not to upload my manga artworks on my gallery, but on either blogs or new website. This blog will be a poll and a blog. Which would you vote for? This is got to be very serious.

1. Blog Gallery - Combined with Each Chapters

2. New Website - Fan Site

Since I didn't like my older manga, I decided to junk it without deleting. When I made my old manga I didn't even complete the whole ideas and inspiration needed.

*in red, this is to get off-topic

I'm such an all-nighter! I stayed up at midnight and I slept at almost 7:00 AM. However I got up at 2:00 PM because it's not that I stayed up all night but I never noticed that it was that late since I was using up my imagination used.

I also went out and bought some desserts. <3 Desserts I just bought were drumsticks ice cream with chocolate, vanilla, etc. inside. I also played basketball with my sweet brother. I don't feel like I had that much fun though. o.o

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