My BannedStory v3 and v4 BETA Images

Most of my BannedStory images were created in BannedStory v3, but some of them were created in BannedStory v4 BETA.

The gallery has been set up to this blog about my BannedStory images. Scroll down the blog to see the included gallery.

Miki in BannedStory Style

Date Created: 02/13/2010

Size: 2.03 KB (59x64)

This was actually my fifth BannedStory image. This was to be shown up as a test to create Miki from Sapphire Shine in BannedStory/MapleStory style. However, I really liked how it improved from my test.

My First BannedStory v4 BETA Image

Date Created: 02/15/2010

Size: 301 KB (373x276)

Okay, this is my very first attempt at BannedStory v4 BETA style. The character in this was Litara from Sapphire Shine, and I really liked how it improves. Once you go there, it could be a little different. I prefer to use v3 style more, you know.

Midnight Galaxy Power

Date Created: 02/18/2010

Size: 219 KB (307x243)

In this scene they're using midnight galaxy power. The one on the left is Xio but the one on the right is Nebula. Once, I used this as my avatar on a different website.

Me in MapleStory Style

Date Created: 02/18/2010

Size: 72.7 KB (174x142)

I tried out making meself in MapleStory style. Argh.. I wish I have black hair, I only have brown, but whatever. I love the element fire, and that's my element, so I added it in this scene.

Playing Bunnies

Date Created: 02/20/2010

Size: 127 KB (282x154)

Okay, when I just made this I almost loled. It was Kuri, Sapphire, and Light were playing, having fun to Akira, dressing up as bunnies. xD

Myself in MapleStory Style 2

Date Created: 02/20/2010

Size: 108 KB (230x160)

The truth is, I really don't play MapleStory. Sometimes I just like to make random pictures on BannedStory, especially when I was bored.


Date Created: 02/22/2010

Size: 44.7 KB (123x123)

Okay I just realized, the dimentions for this image was actually counting. xD Anyway, never mind that. This is Litara in MapleStory style. I was bored when I made this for my avatar.

Akume the Ms. Cuckoo Head

Date Created: 03/12/2010

Size: 408 KB (569x245)

It comes from my imagination at midnight while I was sleeping on the floor that when Akira was 6, she made a drawing scribble for the contest that she calls Akume a cuckoo head and the teacher said 'Congratulations, you have won our contest! You earn a big prize!'. I know what he said may sound nuts, but I loled at Akira. She could really be like that sometimes by calling Akume a cuckoo head. XD

Yeah, I know I may sound silly on this blog. I just feel like to be one in about few days.

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