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Hey u guys this is my first blog gallery eva!!!!Credit Kitty77. Just ask me requests cuz' im on the roll now!!!! I have so little space now so I'm using Blog Gallerys for now on...BLOGS RULE

This is for u Naruto fans like me and Kitty77 here and make your own Ocs with this base:

Naruto Oc Base by ~AvriltheVixin on deviantART

This is for Kitty77

Kitty77 from drawingnow reques by ~AvriltheVixin on deviantART


Both girls have this competition over Sasuke Uchiha but sadly Neko-Cahn won his heart and Denise was left with no heart until she met her long lost friend that she thought who was dead.

I will soon...Denise speaking "I hate Sasuke I hate Neko-Chan..." watch your mouth missy. As i was saying i will draw Denise's friend soon.

Characters+Base is mine but for Neko-Chan is Kitty77, NOOOOOOO STEALING CHARACTERS IS USING BASE PLZ CREDIT ME!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope u like it!!! =>u<=

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