Are you trying to get pregnant? Congratulations! Becoming a mom and dad is the most wonderful and indescribable feeling in life. In this article I am going to show you a few tips that will hopefully help you get pregnant.

Try not to be too stressed out: Sounds easier than it really is, I know. However, stress has so many negative effects on our bodies and therefore also on your reproductive system. Getting stressed over for example ovulation, fertility tests, doing the deed at the right time, or worrying about not being able to get pregnant, will actually often times cause exactly those things to happen. Try not to worry about getting pregnant too much and you will get pregnant sooner than you think.

Using a saliva microscope to predict ovulation: A so called saliva microscope allows you to track changes of the hormone oestrogen in your body. Oestrogen rises before ovulation and when it increases, so do some electrolytes in your saliva. With this special microscope you can see these changes and once you do you know that you are about to ovulate.

Sexual positions: Some sexual positions are a little bit better than others when trying to get pregnant. Generally, all positions that allow deep penetration are considered perfect. Those positions deposit your partner's sperm close to your cervix, exactly where it needs to be.

Don't drink or smoke: Drinking and smoking is not only harmful when you are pregnant, but is also a major contributor to infertility. It can cause all kind of negative impacts on your reproductive system, for example it can make your eggs older than they are, it can prevent the fertilized egg from implanting, it often causes delays in ovulation, and it can damage sperm in men.

If you follow these easy tips on how to get pregnant you have a much better chance to get pregnant faster than usual.

tips on how to get pregnant

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