so on saturday, it was my great grandmother's 100th birthday! woohoo! (sadly though, she isn't alive. but she was very nice and i will always remember her.) anyway, on sunday, i went to the park. I was supposed to go rollerblading, but they closed it on the day i was so freakin' excited about it. isn't that great they open at the end of april. woopee. but anyway, i still had my helmet and knee pads on when i was running on this "slanted wall" thing they had there. I guess i lost my footing, and the i fell down really hard. i dont know why cuz i always run on that thing! anyway, i fell really hard, and i was lucky i still had my helmet and knee pads on cuz my head hit the floor (but i was alright) and my knee pads got scraped. the only way i got hurt was that my palm got hurt and my foot/ankle started to hurt real bad. so when i got up and started walking- it was hurting. Although, i didn't break it. (and no, i didn't cry) it felt like i did break it though. and on monday i went to school with my ankle still hurting. (i went to the nurse's office and she said she didn't see a bruise or anything, so she just gave me a pack of ice to put on it) and guess what? that made me miss lunch and yard and it got me pisseed off cuz i was looking foward to yard, and i was hungry. oh well.

now, im going to skip on to the end of my day- sort of.

ok, so i was waiting for my bus (as usual) until i see my friend Mia pass by me. i asked her why she was going to the auditorium, it was the end of the school day. then she said, that we have re-hearsals today afterschool!  (we have the same role. she's in cast B and im in cast A. we preform on different days.) Urg. just what i needed! another problem. if i missed another rehearsal, i might be out of the play for good!  oh and guess what? my bus was here. . i didn't know what to do! i really liked my role! so you know what i did!?!? i panicked. yup. thats right. My friend Chloe started calling me. Come ON! we've got to go! i looked over at mia who was walking over to jill our director. wait! i wailed to dale ( the lady who walks us to the street and into the bus. COMON! dale complained. I turned on my phone and i slowly walked towards the bus. i was trying to stall. cmon cmon i whispered under my breath pick up. I THINK I NEED TO GO TO REHEARSAL i shouted . oh my gosh.. dale said annoyed.i stepped into the bus. she needs to go to reahearsal tattled dale to the bus driver. FINALLY! the phone was picked up. it was my mom. hello? she asked. INEEDTOGOTOREHEARSAL i wailed into the phone. suddenly all these voices came at me at once. dale, the bus driver, my mom. IM going. i told my bus driver. pick me up at 4 30 i told my mom. the bus driver complained, now i need to call to the base!. i just walked off the bus. i went off to rehearsal in a releif. suddenly, Ruby, my friend, told me that only mission band goes to reahearsal today. i was nervouse. i decided to stay anyway. turns out, i was suppoesed to go. that was a relief. the teacher said, your all leaving at 5. Oh no- i told myself. My BFF Bianca came to sit with me as i started texting my mom. i was in a rush and it was sort of jibberish. it said something like

pikc mwe up at fie oclok. don wite bak

i started to write

i  cant pick up now,

but the director, jill said, excuse me, im talking. i quickly pressed send and turned off my phone and shoved my phone in my backpack.

after rehearsal i was going to a really co0l store called tapoozi, but turned out, they closed that place forever. i was really sad about that. i remember going to tapoozi all the time and looking at all the cool stuff they had. then i went to two boots pizza, the best pizzeria in the world!!!!!. in the subway, i did my homework.

now, what happened after that, thats another story

that was most of my day! thanks for reading!


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