""He pushed his loose locks to the side of his face, and looked on the distance of the docks. "Papa?" the boy's father stood there next to him. He too ,was staring  in a distance of the  horizon. 

In a raspy voice the father finally reponded  after a short while. "Yes, son?'

"what time are we setting sail?"  Just as he finished  his sentence the father eyes moved over to his sailing boat.

the  boat was rather  large for a  fishing boat, but was  smaller than a ship. Too small in comparason.

As the son stood there and looked at the father, the father was watching the ship rock back and forth on the gentle liquid land.

its sails were down.


"Soon. it is barely sunrise...." the father  paused in mid sentence. thinking.

"did mother pack a breakfast and  meals for us?"

the child nodded then slowly repiled. "enough for the 4 day trip."

the father grunted in approval "thats good enough"

Until father and son setted for sailing, they gather maps, and  lamps. Clothing, and beds. it was andventure wating to grab them by the clothes.. an adventure that may  shake their lives to a whole new turn....

                                                      To Be Continued...

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