Anime faces

1.Well, first of all, consider wether you are drawing a man or a woman. (Yes there is a significant difference) If this is your first time drawing an anime person, you should start with a younger figure around the ages 12-20 rather than a young child or an elder.

2. Then, sketch a circle as light as you can see where you want the head to basically be(If your like me, it always ends up somewhere else)

3. draw the nose first, it gives you direction on where the eyes and mouth will go, and in some cases, the hair(s). A nose can be an arrow-like figure or two dots with light shading. If their nose points upward more, than lightly shade, if it's downward, shade a little darker.

4. draw or sketch some eyes. draw the outline only showing where the eyelashes are, or makeup, etc. (Like gaara, you can see every detail because of the blackness) then the inside iris color should touch both the top and bottom of the eye figure. Unless they are astonished or suprised

5. Draw the mouth, simple. upward for smile, but not too much, or it'll look silly. make sure the expression of the mouth matches the eyebrows(eyebrows are made however you want. but if they're sad, their eyebrows are pointing upward and they're mouth will be a straight line and pointing down at the ends.)

6. Hair is easier to me. try to divide it into 3 parts(hair 1, hair 2, hair 3) if you can. (Ex: You can do this with Sasuke, but not Ichigo. You can almost always do this with females. They always either have 2 or 3 diff. parts) Decide wether their hair is smooth, neat, scraggly, etc. there will always be zig-zags somewhere, so you might have to sketch and experiment a little.

7. finish the chin, girls' may be a little more childish and with wider cheeks than boys'. You just might need to know some of the differences between a boys face and a girls. A males' may be thin and narrow, but if he is still under 14 he might still have his baby fat making his face fat like a girls.

Dedicated to: All those who deserve a chance.


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