[XxRaWrxX] 10:23 pm: there was a

chip on the floor

      [GaaraGirl004] 10:23 pm: and a shark

got it

      [XxRaWrxX] 10:24 pm: n then the chip


      [GaaraGirl004] 10:24 pm: and it

chocked the shark and ran away

      [XxRaWrxX] 10:25 pm: ummm then

the shark was shot in the eyeball n culdnt


      [GaaraGirl004] 10:26 pm: and a

cowboy started riding it to the moon

      [XxRaWrxX] 10:27 pm: n then the

cowboy fell off n then the shark went back

n got him

      [GaaraGirl004] 10:27 pm: and the

moon blew up

      [XxRaWrxX] 10:28 pm: n the world

went black

      [GaaraGirl004] 10:28 pm: and the sun


      [XxRaWrxX] 10:31 pm: n then a

electriteion put a new light buld back in

the moon

      [GaaraGirl004] 10:32 pm: and the

marchians said AWWW

      [XxRaWrxX] 10:33 pm: n then the

cowboy shot the marshins

      [GaaraGirl004] 10:33 pm: and mars

ate the cowboy

      [XxRaWrxX] 10:34 pm: n then the

cowboy was crying n got chopped up

      [GaaraGirl004] 10:35 pm: and a fish

stole his hat

      [XxRaWrxX] 10:36 pm: n then the fish

ate the hat

      [GaaraGirl004] 10:36 pm: and it flew

back to earth

      [XxRaWrxX] 10:37 pm: n told the

other cowboys tht billy died

      [GaaraGirl004] 10:38 pm: and he didnt


      [XxRaWrxX] 10:40 pm: n then the

cowboys celabrated tht billy was dead

      [GaaraGirl004] 10:41 pm: and they

are cake

      [XxRaWrxX] 10:42 pm: they made a

huge cake

      [GaaraGirl004] 10:42 pm: and got high

      [XxRaWrxX] 10:42 pm: n then 1

cowboy sed he was cheating on his wife

      [GaaraGirl004] 10:43 pm: and he cried

      [XxRaWrxX] 10:43 pm: n then called

his wife n told her

      [GaaraGirl004] 10:44 pm: and she

slapped him with flowers

      [XxRaWrxX] 10:45 pm: n cried n

kicked him out of the house

      [GaaraGirl004] 10:45 pm: and he went

to canada

      [XxRaWrxX] 10:45 pm: n bcame a


      [GaaraGirl004] 10:46 pm: and nick

named himself Candy

      [XxRaWrxX] 10:46 pm: n striped 4

money n crack

      [GaaraGirl004] 10:48 pm: and his

grandma found out and put him on a roof

      [XxRaWrxX] 10:49 pm: in a bikini. wit

lipstick on his mouth

      [GaaraGirl004] 10:49 pm: and he

stanted pole dancing

    [XxRaWrxX] 10:51 pm: n the grandma

liked it n gave him money

     [GaaraGirl004] 10:52 pm: and started

meowing like a cat

      [XxRaWrxX] 10:53 pm: n the guy

barked like a dog

      [GaaraGirl004] 10:53 pm: and jumped

off the roof

      [XxRaWrxX] 10:54 pm: n then the

grama laffed

      [GaaraGirl004] 10:54 pm: and he fell

on thousands of cats

    [XxRaWrxX] 10:56 pm: n some of the cats

scratched him

      [GaaraGirl004] 10:57 pm: in places he would not

like to talk about

      [XxRaWrxX] 11:00 pm: nope

      [GaaraGirl004] 11:00 pm: and skittles fell from

the sky

      [XxRaWrxX] 11:01 pm: n he ate them

      [GaaraGirl004] 11:02 pm: and he discovered

they were M&Ms and got mad and crushed them

      [XxRaWrxX] 11:03 pm: n he felt stupid cuz he

had gotten fat

    [GaaraGirl004] 11:03 pm: and he went on


      [XxRaWrxX] 11:04 pm: n he drank a whole

bunch of slim fast

      [GaaraGirl004] 11:05 pm: and he ran 100 miles

     [XxRaWrxX] 11:05 pm: n almost died

     [GaaraGirl004] 11:06 pm: then he went back to

his job one he was sexy again

      [XxRaWrxX] 11:08 pm: n all the girls wanted him

soo badly

     [GaaraGirl004] 11:10 pm: and sumhow he got


      [XxRaWrxX] 11:11 pm: n he didnt like it

     [GaaraGirl004] 11:13 pm: so he went in search

of the father

      [XxRaWrxX] 11:13 pm: n found out bit was his


      [GaaraGirl004] 11:14 pm: and he cried all the

way to Egypt

     [XxRaWrxX] 11:15 pm: n then he ate a camel

      [GaaraGirl004] 11:17 pm: and he turned into a

buisness man

      [XxRaWrxX] 11:18 pm: n bcame rich n famous

      [GaaraGirl004] 11:18 pm: and had 2 kids

[XxRaWrxX] 11:19 pm: with his own father

      [GaaraGirl004] 11:19 pm: and his father never

saw them

     [XxRaWrxX] 11:20 pm: n his father died

      [GaaraGirl004] 11:20 pm: and was burried with a


     [XxRaWrxX] 11:22 pm: n read tht book in heaven

   [GaaraGirl004] 11:24 pm: and was happy

     [XxRaWrxX] 11:25 pm: n partied hard in heaven


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O.O wat the hell tht was retarded  (no offense) but wat the hell!!!! O.o .............
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Quote:Originally posted by: Sasukes_Girl64
O.O wat the hell tht was retarded  (no offense) but wat the hell!!!! O.o .............
*The ppl frm the insane asylum appear*
ppL:Well lets get the net.
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